Appeal for 500 Odisha Weavers

This is an appeal for donations in the support of weavers and artisans of Odisha. Weavers of Odisha and millions of weavers suffered a huge loss last year due to the pandemic. The current national crisis as a result of the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown will again impact livelihoods of many home-based women artisans and self-employed weavers. Your support is valuable to us

COVID-19: Weavers Support Project

Appeal to support 500 weavers in Odisha. Odisha is home to more than 190,000 weavers. In this difficult time let’s stand together with Odisha weavers as a pillar of strength to compensate their recurring losses during the lockdown and honor their contribution towards heirloom tradition. It takes as little as $ 68 /Rs.5000 to support one weaver’s family in Odisha.

COVID-19 Health & Emergency Support

Most of the weavers are economically backward and they cannot afford to buy expensive medicines and medical expenses. Your support can help a weavers family in deep crisis.