What we do

~ Design and Research-based activities

~Ethnographic research documentation

~Archival of visual documentation for education purposes.

~Narrate stories of craft beyond designs.

~Narrate folklores through storybooks and animation

~Recreating and reviving indigenous handcrafted methods

~Art Education – using art as an alternate medium of education

~ Publishing research-based study and books

~ Women Workers for Change- All women are workers campaign

~ Documentary films on people, arts & culture

~Workshops and training on natural dyes, craft, livelihood, education, and environment

~Reviving lost traditional art practices

~Circular economy-reduce, reuse recycle practice and reduce landfill for a safe environment.

~Identify artists and facilitate scholarships and awards.

~Our sustainable practice endorses weavers, farmers, artists, women, Dalits, and Adivasi people.